High Speed Internet

**New Fiber-to-the-Home service prices**

Plan#1        25M download / 10M upload -   $75.00

Plan#2        50M download / 50M upload -   $100.00

Plan#3        100M download / 100M upload - $110.00

Plan#4        250M download / 250M upload - $125.00

*All Pricing includes Phone and Managed WiFi Services with unlimited data*

**Taxes not included**

Optional Extras

WiFi Extender      $105.00



Voice Only Price              no long distance included       $26.45




Danville DSL Rates

Gold - up to 3.0 Mbps $50.95

Diamond - up to 4.5 Mbps $66.95

Platinum - up to 6.0 Mbps $70.95

Platinum Plus - up to 10Mbps $85.95 (where available)

*10Mbps, 15Mbps & 20Mbps (where available)

 Get High Speed DSL Now! (pdf form)

Acceptable Use Policy

FCC Open Internet Rules

Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement

Steps to troubleshoot Internet connection problems:

  1. Make sure the lights on your modem are correct. Power and DSL should be solid, LAN and or WLAN should be flashing. 
  2. Power cycle the modem/router: remove power from the modem/router for 30 seconds then power up the modem/router.
  3. Make sure every phone jack that has a device connected to it has a filter on it. The only device that should NOT have a filter is the modem/router
  4. Check for dial tone on the phone jack that is connecting your modem/router: Disconnect the phone line from the modem/router. Connect the phone line from the jack to your phone. Check for Dial Tone
  5. Bypass the phone port on the surge protector if you have one: The phone line that runs from the wall jack to the surge protector should be unplugged from the phone port on the surge protector. Plug the phone line that runs from the wall jack, directly in the phone port on the modem/router.
  6. Disconnect all devices connected to phone jacks except for the modem/router. The modem/router should now be the only device connected to a phone jack in your home.
  7. If the internet connection problem has not been fixed at this point please call the Telephone Office M-F 8:00-4:30, (392-4251). If this is after hours please please dial (392-4251) and listen to the options when you reach the voicemail.


Information regarding Cyber Security


Non-recurring cost:
Activation Fee: $50.00
Modem (Zyxel Wireless Router/Modem) $85.00
Phone Filter $2.75 - $12.75 each
Requirements to have DSL are the following:
An active telephone line, a DSL modem and phone filters (must be purchased from Danville Telecom), an active internet account with Danvilletelco.net, and a computer that meets the minimum requirements listed below.
Minimum System Requirements:


  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later version
  • Intel or equivalent Processor
  • 32 MB RAM or more
  • 1GB available free hard disk space before installation
  • Available Ethernet Port