Judges to decide on bond hearings for R. Kelly indictments

CHICAGO (AP) — Federal judges will decide how to proceed with bond hearings in two separate federal indictments against R. Kelly.

The 52-year-old singer was arrested Thursday night while walking his dog on a 13-count indictment that includes sex crimes and obstruction of justice. A New York federal indictment was also unsealed Friday that charges him with racketeering and sex-related crimes.

Kelly remained in federal custody over the weekend following his arrest. His attorney denied the allegations Friday.

A case status hearing scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday in Chicago will determine if a federal judge Tuesday will rule on Kelly’s bail in both federal criminal cases.

Federal prosecutors have requested Kelly stay in custody, saying he is a flight risk and dangerous.

Prime Day: Amazon gives first glimpse of its deals

(CNN) -- Amazon has revealed what's on sale for Prime Day.

The annual sales extravaganza begins Monday, July 15 and will run for 48 hours. Similar to previous Prime Days, Amazon is slashing prices and offering more than one million deals as a way to drum-up spending during a typically slow summer sales period. Amazon also wants to drive people to subscribe to its Prime membership service.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon is emphasizing the deep discounts on its own gadgets and in-house brands in its deals preview, which it released Friday.

For example, an Amazon Echo will cost $49.99, which the company claims is half off its normal price of $99.99. But the discount is not as drastic as it might appear: The smart speaker is selling for $69.99 ahead of Monday's event.

The better deal is the Echo Show, its smart speaker with a screen and premium speakers. That will cost $159.99 — $70 off its current list price of $229.99.

Other Amazon gadgets on sale include the Fire TV Stick with Alexa for $14.99 (Right now, it's $39.99) and the Fire TV Cube for $69.99. That's $50 less than its current price of $119.99.

Amazon Fire tablets are also getting reduced. It's most advanced version, the Fire HD 10, will cost $99.99 — $50 less than its current price of $149.99.

Underscored: 100+ Prime Day deals and discounts

These prices are similar to the deals Amazon offered on Black Friday of last year.

Amazon is discounting its in-house line of products, which its rapidly expanding. Men's and women's clothing from Amazon's lines like Goodthreads and Amazon Essentials, will be up to 50% off. Its home goods brands, such as Presto! and Solimo, will be up to 30% off.

And its AmazonBasics brand, which encompasses everything from kitchenware to small electronics, will be up to 30% off.

Amazon is emphasizing its new Lady Gaga makeup brand, HAUS Laboratories. Prime members will be able to preoroder her new products for the first time.

But there are several name brands on sale, too. Some Under Armour clothing will be 40% off, Lacoste clothing will as much as 30% off and Eddie Bauer clothing will be as much as 60% off.

Electronics that aren't from Amazon will also be discounted. For example, some Sony LED Smart TVs will be half off, Facebook's Portal device will cost $79 (It usually runs for $199) and the Nintendo Switch will also be discounted.

Amazon's biggest rivals are also offering Prime Day-like discounts on their websites. Target is mimicking the idea with "Deal Days," a two-day event featuring similar deals. eBay has also rolled out sales for the entire month of July.

It's not a surprise that other retailers want to chip away at Amazon on Prime Day. Although the company doesn't disclose revenue from previous Prime Days, Amazon said last year's sale was its "biggest global shopping event ever."

"Prime Day has changed the terrain of the summer for retailers," Adobe Digital Insights director Taylor Schreiner previously told CNN Business. "Retailers need an effective strategy to address it. The only guaranteed losing play is to ignore it."

Couple says botched floor installation forced child to spend final days in hospice instead of at home

BRIGHTON, Colorado — A Brighton couple says a botched floor installation forced their 14-year-old daughter to spend her final days in hospice instead of at home.

A year after the 14-year-old’s death, they still haven’t reached any resolution with the companies responsible for the floor.

Kelly Kniss said it’s a struggle every time she discovers another blemish in her floor.

“It’s just a reminder of how awful it was a year ago.  It’s just a trigger,” she said.

She and her husband, Kevin, had invested in new floors at their new Brighton home, just over a year ago, to better accommodate their daughter’s needs last summer.

Their daughter, 14-year-old Sierra, was born with VACTERL, a disorder that affects different organ systems.

They moved to Brighton to be closer to Children’s Hospital Colorado, and a new floor was their top priority.

“That meant needing to have a solid floor that went throughout all the rooms of the house, so that the wheelchair could easily get around the house,” Kniss said.

They purchased the material through Floor and Decor, which referred them to “Installation Made Easy,” who told the family they could finish the job in three days.

“Installation Made Easy subcontracted to a subcontractor, that subcontracted to another subcontractor, and they all started to fight amongst each other," Kniss said.

Those two subcontractors were RMM Subcontracting and 2nd Chance Flooring.

Kniss recalled and one point during the installation, one of the crew members was searching on YouTube “how to install flooring.”

“Maybe it’s naive, but when people tell us this is what they’re going to do and they make a promise, we assume they’re going to follow through on it," she said. "And they promised us they’d get it done in three days. It would have been understandable if it were five days. I think we could have lived with that.”

Sierra was terminally ill, and things had taken a turn for the worst.

She wanted to spend her final days at home, but the floor wasn’t finished after three days.

They still tried to get her home, anyway.

“They had covered all of the heater/air conditioner vents, and it was July, and she couldn’t be here in the heat," she said. "So she spent one night here.”

Sierra died at Denver Hospice a couple days later.

“She had two regrets,” Kniss said. “One was that she didn’t go to Japan, and the other was that she didn’t get to leave any memories in this house.”

The family halted the remainder of the installation after Sierra’s death, telling KDVR it was so poorly installed it would need to be entirely replaced.

They say one of the subcontractors was fired, and the other continued to harass them about finishing the job — including the day of their daughter’s funeral.

“We had asked to be left alone on the day of the funeral," Kniss said. "We got phone calls 60 seconds before the funeral started.  We got phone calls between the funeral and the burial, we got phone calls at the burial, we got phone calls after we got home.”

They chose not to pay the final estimated $1,800 to finish the flooring—after discovering the installation was done so poorly, they’d need to entirely replace the floor.

Kniss said the product they purchased was damaged, and in some areas, destroyed, during installation.

“Over the last year, the pieces have pulled apart or broken. There’s no way to make it right, or even salvage enough material to add more material into it to redo the floor,” she said.

But the family said they can’t afford to replace the floor.

“We didn’t have extra money after going through burial costs, and bills, and moving," Kniss said.

They reached out to both Installation Made Easy and Floor and Decor to help recoup the costs.

“I tried to negotiate some way we could come to an agreement getting the floor fixed," she said.

But Kniss said both companies refused.

“Each time it came down to, ‘We’re not going to do anything.  We don’t have to,'" she said. "And I get that maybe, legally, they don’t have to, but I don’t see how you can destroy $5,000 worth of something and not be responsible for it.”

KDVR also reached out to both companies, seeking comment, but our emails went unanswered.

Kniss admitted she and her husband were in a hurry to get the floor installed and didn’t do their homework first.

“Time was of the essence,” she said.

The couple chose to reach out to KDVR in hopes of preventing others from going through what they did.

“I wish there were people that had let us know—that if we had done any research, we would have known," Kniss said. "I was just incredibly naive.”

Kniss said Installation Made Easy didn’t give them the option to choose the subcontractor.  She said in hindsight, they should have asked who it would be and researched them, before allowing them to step foot into her home.

“It wasn’t a fly by night company.  They have multiple stores.  We should be able to trust them,” she said.

Florida man caught hiding heroin, crack in his buttocks, deputies say

FLAGLER COUNTY, Florida — A Florida man was arrested after deputies reportedly found him hiding drugs in a very personal place.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy pulled Derick McKay over for speeding July 11.

When he started talking to McKay, he noticed that he seemed nervous and that there was a smell of marijuana. McKay claimed he didn’t have anything illegal in his custody, but deputies investigated further.

Photo: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

After he was brought to jail for driving on a suspended license, McKay confessed to hiding narcotics in his buttocks, deputies said.

He then proceeded to remove more than a dozen small baggies from his behind, including a small baggie of crack, eight small baggies of heroin, two small baggies of Molly, a small baggie of marijuana, 12 Lortab pills and 12 Oxycodone pills.

McKay is now facing multiple charges and is currently being held without bond.

The sheriff’s office said he has a criminal history dating back to 2008.

YOUR MONEY with Mark: The Dow and the broader stock market are at all-time highs

New York (CNN)-- Wall Street charted a new round of records on Friday, July 12.

The Dow, Nasdaq Composite, and S&P 500 all closed at new all-time highs.

That made six record closes during the week the week of Monday, July 8. The gains were driven by hopes for an interest rate cut. The Central Bank is widely expected to lower rates to boost the economy at its Wednesday, July 31st meeting.

Here were Friday's closing numbers:

Dow: 27,333.03; +243.95; +0.90%

Nasdaq: 8,244.14; +48.10; +48.10%

S&P 500: 3,013.77; +13.86; +0.46%

JDC: ‘The 19th Hole’ Saturday, July 14th

SILVIS, Illinois — News 8 sports crew Matt Randazzo, Kory Kuffler and Celia Palermo bring the latest and greatest John Deere Classic coverage right from the course after each round of play.

Here’s the full show from Round 4, Sunday, July 14th:

WQAD News 8 is the official media sponsor of the John Deere Classic.

JDC Fan of the Day – Round 4

SILVIS, Illinois -- A very patriotic fan rounded out the 2019 John Deere Classic "Fan of the Day" honors.

Connor Mahr was decked out in red, white and blue for the Final Round on Sunday, July 14.

He said it would be a good day to show off some American pride, on the last day of the tournament.

Golf cart thieves steal four carts from Port Byron club; a series of thefts this summer

PORT BYRON, Illinois – A group of serial golf cart thieves is roaming the Quad City Area after four golf carts were stolen from Byron Hills Golf Club in Port Byron early Saturday morning.

It’s a “whodunit” after co-owner Bruce Sutton says four carts were taken by two thieves.

“It took ten minutes to get four carts,” says Sutton. “They are definitely hot-wiring just like a regular car.”

And it’s not only at Byron Hills, co-owner Jeff Timmerman of Country View Golf Club in Geneseo lost four carts to the bandits last month too.

“We have insurance, but still we feel violated when things like this happen,” explains Sutton.

The cart crooks seem to be going after the same Yamaha make and model, which Sutton says could cost about $20,000 to replace the four of them, with insurance.

“That tells me they are good at what they do,” Sutton says.

Even looking at the security footage you can see two thieves strategically taking each cart one by one followed by driving them off the same path.

“They just go to the last row, last carts and take them,” explains Sutton.

The trail looped them around to the ninth tee and they escaped through this gaping hole in the chain-linked fence.

“If this wouldn’t have been here, we wouldn’t have known,” Sutton comments about the fence.

“Eventually they’ll get caught, eventually they’ll mess up, and get caught we hope,” Sutton says. “But in the meantime, it’s thousands of dollars gone.”

The golf cart thieves left a trail behind – the first clue to cracking the case.

This is the second time Byron Hills had golf carts stolen.  Last fall two other carts were taken.

Four golf carts were also stolen from Highland Springs in Milan in early June.

Dangerous heat arrives this week

The heat and humidity we have experienced so far this summer will pale in comparison to what is ahead for us this week.

As the remnants of former Hurricane Barry push to the north an area of high pressure in the southwest United States will continue to strengthen and reinforce a dome of heat that will eventually expand east this week. While heat index values Monday and Tuesday will just be oppressive, they will quickly elevate to dangerous levels by Thursday and Friday as more humidity works into the Quad Cities.

Heat index values will remain in the 90s Monday through Wednesday, but as actual temperatures rise into the middle and even upper 90s by Thursday into the weekend, heat index values will also soar. We will easily surpass a "feels like" temperature of 100° by Wednesday and then approach 110-115° by Thursday. This will make strenuous outdoor activity quite dangerous, especially if you don't remain hydrated and take frequent breaks.

We won't get much relief in the form of showers and thunderstorms this week either. The leftover moisture from Barry will quickly get pulled east and keep the heaviest rains south of the Quad Cities. Meanwhile, the active storm track will also be pushed to our north where several complexes of thunderstorms will ride the edge of the heat dome. There is a small chance that areas north of the Quad Cities could get clipped by this northern activity as early as Wednesday morning and continuing through Friday. While those odds are small, whatever areas do receive rain will see a brief break from the heat.

With the lack of organized rains expected this week, soils will continue to dry out quickly. This is a trend that we will be tracking carefully as it could begin to have agricultural impacts in the coming weeks.

Until then, if you don't need to be outside beginning Wednesday through Saturday, I'd advise staying in the A/C and keeping it cool. If you must be outside during these times, you know the drill! A lot of WATER and frequent breaks in the shade are in order.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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Galesburg police seek help in finding missing woman

GALESBURG, Illinois — Galesburg police were seeking help in finding a 51-year-old woman who was reported missing and endangered.

Tina M. Winston was last seen Saturday, July 13, according to a sergeant with the Galesburg Police Department.   There was no clothing description provided.

Police said Winston is considered endangered, which could indicate a medical issue or other threat to her health.  The exact cause of her endangered status was not clear.

Police said Winston may have driven off in a silver 2004 Toyota Rav 4.  It’s possible she may be in Galesburg, Monmouth, or Burlington.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tina Winston, you are asked to call the Galesburg Police Department at 309-343-9151.

Sadie Roberts-Joseph, founder of an African American history museum, is found dead in the trunk of a car

(CNN) — A beloved activist and founder of an African-American museum in Baton Rouge was found dead in the trunk of a car, CNN affiliate WBRZ reported.

The body of Sadie Roberts-Joseph, 75, was located Friday but it wasn’t immediately clear what led officers to the car. The cause of her death is still unknown, police told the station.

The vehicle was about 3 miles from her home, CNN affiliate WAFB reported.

Roberts-Joseph was a renowned advocate in the Baton Rouge area. She founded the Odell S. Williams Now and Then African American Museum in 2001, where she had been hosting the city’s Juneteenth celebration for years.

“Ms. Sadie was a tireless advocate of peace in the community,” the police department said in a statement. “Ms. Sadie is a treasure to our community, she will be missed by BRPD and her loss will be felt in the community she served.

She also founded Community Against Drugs and Violence, a non-profit organization focused in creating a safer environment for children in North Baton Rouge.

Local politicians, advocates and community members on Saturday mourned Roberts-Joseph’s death.

State Representative C. Denise Marcelle said in a Facebook post that the activist “never bothered anyone” and was looking to expand her museum.

The NAACP Baton Rouge Branch remembered Roberts-Joseph in a Facebook post.

“We lost a Cultural Legend Yesterday! #RIP Sadie Roberts Joseph,” the group wrote. “From reviving Juneteenth, to the Culture preserved at Her Museum, she was a trendsetter and icon in this City.”

Police investigating the activist’s death urged anyone with information about the case to call police detectives at 225-389-4869 or Crime Stoppers at 225-344-STOP (7867).

New Mexico construction worker hailed as hero after catching a baby and toddler from a burning building

(CNN) — Mason Fierro is being hailed as a hero after catching a two-month-old baby girl and toddler from an apartment window during a fire in northeastern Albuquerque Friday.

The construction worker told CNN affiliate KOAT-TV he and others were putting a roof on the building next door when the flames began.

A man was screaming from a window on the second story of the apartment complex with the baby and toddler hanging out of the window, Fierro told KOAT. The rest of the construction crew were bringing ladders over when Fierro told the man to drop his children.

“He dropped her. I caught her. Then they bring out another little boy, two or three years old, then we caught him as well,” Fierro said.

Lt. Tom Ruiz, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Fire Rescue, told CNN the fire sent three people to the hospital. The two children were taken to the hospital by family and one person was taken by ambulance for smoke inhalation. All are in stable condition, Ruiz said.

The apartment complex was “a total loss,” he said. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Ruiz said even though firefighters were on scene within five minutes, he’s glad Fierro and the other workers were quick to act.

“Those people were in dire need of rescue weren’t able to wait on us,” Ruiz said.

Fierro said he shouldn’t be the only one getting praise, though, because he couldn’t have done it without the help of the rest of the crew.

“Those kids are alive because of what those construction workers did quickly and concisely,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz also said the fire department doesn’t recommend attempting a rescue without the proper equipment.

“That’s something we’d like for them to leave to us,” he said. “Those construction workers already had equipment. … They made the decision to act and that can be more commended than anything else.”

Barry weakens to a tropical depression, but authorities still warn of dangerous flooding

(CNN) - Barry weakened Sunday afternoon as it crept over northwestern Louisiana, but the storm was still threatening millions with possible "life-threatening" flooding.

As it headed deeper inland, Barry was downgraded to a tropical depression, according to the National Hurricane Center's latest public advisory.

A tropical storm is a weather system that has sustained winds from 39 mph to 73 mph. The sustained wind speeds of a tropical depression are up to 39 mph.

As of Sunday afternoon, Barry was crawling north across Louisiana at around 9 mph -- slower than a bicyclist. That means it's still hovering over the same state where it made landfall Saturday, dumping copious amounts of rain on cities already deluged.

And it's not even close to done.

"Barry is expected to produce additional rain accumulations of 3 to 6 inches across portions of the lower Mississippi Valley with isolated maximum amounts of 10 inches across eastern Arkansas, western Tennessee, southeast Missouri, and northwest Mississippi," the NHC said.

An additional 3 to 5 inches of rain are expected across south-central Louisiana, with as much as 15 inches in some spots, the NHC said, adding that the additional rain could cause "dangerous, life-threatening flooding."

More than 11 million people are under flash-flood watches Sunday from the Gulf Coast all the way to the southern Midwest, CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said.

"Tornadoes are also possible across areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas today," she said.

"The system is expected to track -- slowly -- north over the coming days, bringing heavy rain with it along the Mississippi River."

The center of the tropical depression is forecast to move into Arkansas Sunday evening and Monday, the NHC said.

Louisiana's governor urged residents to stay alert and follow any orders from officials.

"Now is not the time to let your guard down," Edwards said. "In addition to the rainfall, there has been increased tornadic activity and a continued chance for more flash flooding as well."

'The house was under water'

In St. Mary Parish, about 60 miles east of where Barry made landfall, 64-year-old Joyce Webber hunkered down with about 20 other people at a community center when she learned a large tree branch had fallen on her mobile home, and her storm door had blown off.

"Trailers don't hold, no matter what type of storm," Webber said. "They just don't hold."

In Mandeville, Ludovico Torri woke up Saturday to a surprising sight: Lake Pontchartrain was suddenly at the door of his house.

"The entire street and area under the house was underwater," Torri said.

It took just 90 minutes for the water to rise another foot. Torri's car nearly flooded. And his family, including four children, were stranded in their home.

Others, like Ollie and Hazel Jordan, struggled to find a place where both they and their pets can stay safe. The couple, both in their early 70s, walked a mile in the rain from their trailer to a shelter at a Baton Rouge middle school -- only to be told they couldn't in their two cats and small dog.

But officials learned after Hurricane Katrina that some residents wouldn't evacuate because they couldn't bring their pets. That led to tragic outcomes.

This time, officials set up a mobile disaster pet shelter, where the Jordans were able to safely house their dog and cats.

Torrents of water overwhelm levees

Three levees in St. Mary Parish were overtopped by water Saturday, said David Naquin, the parish's director of homeland security and emergency preparedness.

The Glencoe community had to be evacuated, but Naquin said Sunday he believes only a few homes have flooded.

In Plaquemines Parish, southeast of New Orleans, multiple levees were overcome by floodwaters Saturday.

The overtopping happened in less populated areas. But officials worry that Highway 23 could flood, trapping more residents.

The Big Easy can breathe a bit easier

The good news: Fears of catastrophic storm surges overwhelming New Orleans' levee system didn't materialize this weekend. But that doesn't mean Barry is done thrashing the Big Easy.

All eyes were on the Mississippi River, as forecasts showed a possible storm surge of 2 to 3 feet that could have raised the river's level to 19 feet in New Orleans. The levees protect up to only 20 feet.

But the storm surge was lower than expected. And even with the heavy rain ahead, the National Weather Service is now only predicting the river will rise only to 17.1 feet, with the next crest expected to happen on Monday.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited to perform Beatles classics at Dodger Stadium

(CNN) – He really does get by with a little help from his friends.

Paul McCartney invited a special guest to join him during the last stop of his Freshen Up tour at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles Saturday night: old bandmate Ringo Starr.

“We’ve got a surprise for us, a surprise for you, a surprise for everyone,” McCartney said. “Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Ringo Starr.”

McCartney and Starr, the last surviving Beatles, hugged onstage. A stripped-down drum kit was brought out for Starr before the band launched into two of the Fab Four’s classics, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)” and “Helter Skelter.”

The crowd exploded with enthusiasm. Some fans teared up and others looked like they couldn’t believe their eyes. One attendee could be heard saying, “I knew Ringo was in town. I was hoping!”

It seemed like thousands of tiny jewels lit the stadium as concertgoers took out their phones to document the moment.

While their joint appearance was rare, it’s not the first time the two former Beatles have performed together in recent years. They teamed up at the Grammys in 2014.

McCartney had been in a playful mood throughout the evening, referencing his return to Dodger Stadium, where the Beatles played what would end up being their penultimate live show in August 1966.

Starr was not the only guest to make an appearance. Joe Walsh, of Eagles fame, also joined McCartney to end the concert with “The End,” from the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”

Dylan Frittelli wins 2019 John Deere Classic

SILVIS, Illinois — Dylan Frittelli is the winner of the 2019 John Deere Classic.

Click here to watch the trophy presentation

Frittelli, age 29, finished all four rounds at 21 under par. His best day on the par-71 course at TPC Deere Run was Round 4 at 64.

This is the Johannesburg, South Africa-native’s first PGA Tour championship.  He has had four international victories before this, according to his stats profile on the PGA Tour’s website.  Frittelli turned pro in 2012.

Russell Henley held the lead for part of the afternoon after finishing Round Four at 61 strokes; his best round of the weekend.

2019 marked 20 years for John Deere being the tournament’s title sponsor.  About 150 players took the field Thursday, July 11 for the first round.  As the weekend progressed, 80 were left after the cut on Friday.

Henley held the lead for part of the afternoon after finishing Round Four at 61 strokes; his best round of the weekend. He finished the tournament in second place.


The show must go on! Broadway musicals took their act to the street during the NYC blackout

(CNN) — The show must go on in New York, even if parts of Manhattan have lost power, forcing the evacuation of Broadway theaters and sending tens of thousands of people onto darkened streets.

The cast of the Broadway musical “Hadestown” took their show to the road, literally — performing outside the Walter Kerr Theatre for fans.

In a video, posted on Twitter by cast member Kimberly Marable, Tony Award winner André De Shields sang the show’s opening number, with revised lyrics: “Ooh, it’s a blackout!” The crowd on the street joined in at his urging, creating a sidewalk singalong.

“Hadestown” wasn’t the only musical to take to streets after losing power — the casts of “Hamilton,”Rock of Ages,” “Waitress” and “Come From Away” held similar impromptu performances.

Twitter user Antony posted a video of the Hamilton cast singing to fans from above the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.

The cast of “Rock of Ages” performed its foot stomping closing number, Journey’s ”Don’t Stop Believin,” to the street. “The show must go on, right?!” wrote Twitter user Michael Mahany.

“Waitress” also kept the street party going, even as the traffic stalled behind them, according to a video posted by People magazine reporter Dave Quinn.

The Tony Award-winning “Come From Away” tweeted that it’s important to come together in times of darkness, after Twitter user Billy Recce posted this video of the cast continuing their performance outside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

Power was restored early on Sunday morning, but not before affecting 72,000 Con Edison customers in New York, primarily in Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side.

West Lake Park undergoing major renovations; closing in August

DAVENPORT, Iowa — West Lake Park just outside of Davenport with be closed for renovation soon.

Work crews at the lakefront facility will be draining the lake starting Monday, July 15th. Restoration work will begin at this time, but the facility will remain open to the public until August 1st.

According to a notice from the Scott County Conservation Board, the renovation project aims to restore the shoreline, construct multiple ponds and fishing areas, and restock the lake’s population of game fish.

The construction is set to last through the entire 2020 season.

Fire breaks out near the Davenport Salvation Army

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A fire has broken out near the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Davenport.

This video was captured a significant distance away from the blaze by Patrick Tyne. It shows the large smoke plume blowing away from the location.

WQAD will update this story as information becomes available.

A sorority canceled its convention because of Hurricane Barry. Members donated 17,000 meals to storm victims

NEW ORLEANS – As Hurricane Barry approached Louisiana, Delta Sigma Theta sorority scrambled Friday to wrap up its national convention early to escape the storm’s impacts in New Orleans.

But the service organization and its caterer, Centerplate, weren’t about to let the meals that had been prepared for members go to waste.

The group donated 17,000 meals to the Second Harvest Food Bank of South Louisiana, which will store them in a cooler through the storm, and then give them to residents who weather Barry, the food bank said Friday in a Facebook post.

“We are delighted that Centerplate donated the food we purchased making it available as a result of us terminating our convention early,” the sorority’s national president and CEO, Beverly Smith, said in a statement. “With 16,000 attendees and two food functions canceled — our Sisterhood Luncheon and closing Soiree Celebration — there was inordinate amounts of food that would have been wasted. Kudos to Centerplate.”

The convention was supposed to last until Sunday. Founded in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta is a predominantly black sorority with more than 200,000 members nationwide.

But as Barry strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane Saturday, the sorority had to re-consider. More than 77,000 Louisiana residents are without power and some towns are already experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding.

Second Harvest Food Bank spokesman Jay Vise thanked the sorority for its donation.

“It’s really heartwarming for these ladies … when their major conference gets canceled, the first thing they thought of was to help other people,” Vise said.

Others are stepping in to prepare for the incoming hurricane, as well. Chef Jose Andres announced his organization, World Central Kitchen, is preparing meals to deliver to residents and shelters in New Orleans. The relief group is providing updates on Twitter about its efforts to reach people in need.

UPDATE: Missing Clinton teen found

UPDATE: Zavius Washington has been found.

CLINTON, Iowa — An area teen with a serious medical condition is currently missing.

The Clinton Police Department has sent out a notice on social media asking for help in locating Zavius Washington.

He was last seen on Saturday, July 13th, wearing stone-washed jeans, a gray t-shirt, and black Adidas shoes. He is 15 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has brown eyes and black. He has a serious medical condition that requires medication.

He may also be found in the area of Dewitt, Iowa.

If anyone has information to Zavius Washington’s whereabouts, please call the Clinton Police Department at 563-243-1458 or dial 911 in case of emergency.