Whale dies in Thailand after eating more than 17 lbs of plastic

A short-fin male pilot whale has died in Southern Thailand after ingesting more than 17 lbs of plastic bags and packaging, a sobering casualty of the waste littering the world's oceans.

During an autopsy veterinarians removed more than 80 plastic bags from the whale's stomach, said Jatuporn Burutpat, Director-General to Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

Officials say the whale was spotted by locals on May 28 looking ill and floating abnormally. Government veterinarians were dispatched to care for the whale and were joined later by members of a local whale conservancy group.

Photos posted on the Facebook page for ThaiWhales, a conservation group, showed volunteers tending to the sick whale, shading the mammal while giving it medicine and fluids.

Volunteers and veterinarians worked for several days to try and save the whale.

Burutpat said that on June 1, the whale started to vomit pieces of plastic. In a post on Facebook, ThaiWhales said the animal "struggled fiercely" as it tried to purge its body of the plastic.

The whale died later that afternoon.

recent study by the UK government warns that without intervention, the amount of plastic cluttering the Earth's oceans will triple within a decade.

The report from the UK Government Office for Science found that 70% of marine litter is non-degradable plastic.

Burupat said the Thai government will seek to raise awareness about the problem for World Ocean's Day on June 8.

Moline Police is looking for three suspects in connection to an armed robbery

Moline, Illinois-- Surveillance footage from a Moline Spin to Win shows three masked people entering the business.

One suspect corners the employee behind the counter, points a gun at him and hits him. Forcing him to the ground.

"What makes this one different is the threat of violence and the use of force. A lot of the times weapons are inferred. This one they actually pointed a firearm at the victim and then they hit him in the head," said Detective Michael Griffin. Griffin says this type of robbery is uncommon for our area.

The employee did exactly what he was supposed to do.

"The right thing to do is to just give up the money. Most businesses around here will tell you don`t fight back just give up the money.. You have insurance. It`s not worth your life. Money can be replaced. Your life can`t," said Griffin.

The video also shows one of the robbers pulling out a crow bar and smashing the machines.

They failed to get any of them open.

"It`s kinda amateurish of them to think that there going to just go there and pop the front cover off and their going to have access to hundreds of dollars," said Griffin.

They were in and out of the business in under six minutes only stealing less than a hundred dollars from behind the counter.

Police released a photo of a man they are calling a person of interest. He was scene sitting a slot machine at spin to win a few hours before the robbery.

"It`s not uncommon for people to go in there and case it prior to doing an armed robbery," said Griffin.

May 2018 was the hottest on record in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (Illinois News Network)--If you thought last month was hotter than normal, you were right.

Cities across Illinois and the state as a whole experienced the hottest May in recorded history.

Illinois’ a long state. It’s usually warmer in Cairo than in Rockford. But, as a whole, state Climatologist Jim Angel said Illinois hasn't seen a May with more days of above average temperatures.

“The statewide average temperature for the entire month was 70.6 degrees, 7.9 degrees above normal for the whole state and the warmest on record,” he said.

Many cities saw the same situation.

“In Quincy, Springfield, Champaign and Carbondale, every day was at or above normal for this time of year,” Angel said.

Other cities like Rockford were close but had a couple cool days that lowered their average.

A warm May doesn’t necessarily mean June, or July for that matter, are guaranteed to see hotter-than-normal temperatures, Angel said, but June is forecasted to be warmer than normal.

Heat ready to build in this week… storm chances growing, too

What a beauty of a day it turned out to be as we silenced the wind from yesterday allowing temperatures to climb around the 80 degree mark.  We also kept the humidity on the low side again, which made the day even more delightful.

A pretty quiet night for many, though there is a cool front coming down out of the Great Lakes that could spawn an isolated shower or thunderstorm for areas well north of the Quad Cities sometime after midnight.  We’ll promise a warmer night with temperatures dropping in the lower 60s.

Tuesday will be a warmer with the humidity staying in check for one more day.  Still see an isolated shower or storm chance which is targeted for the evening hours.

Expect warmer 80s to continue through Wednesday before the mercury peaks around 90 degrees by the end of the work week.  With added humidity during that time frame comes the chance for showers and thunderstorms.   Wednesday skies look quiet with thunderstorms chances expected during the later day hours both Thursday and Friday.

Chief meteorologist James Zahara

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Grassley on Giuliani pardon comments: ‘I think I would hire a new lawyer’

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(CNN) — Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, suggested Monday that the President should hire a new lawyer if his current one is telling him that he can pardon himself.

“If I were President of the United States and I had a lawyer that told me I could pardon myself, I think I would hire a new lawyer,” Grassley told CNN when asked if he agrees that President Donald Trump could pardon himself.

Trump tweeted Monday that he had the “absolute right to pardon myself” but would not do so because he’d done nothing wrong.

“As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong? In the meantime, the never ending Witch Hunt, led by 13 very Angry and Conflicted Democrats (& others) continues into the mid-terms!” the President tweeted.

Trump’s comments echo the stance that his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has taken. Giuliani said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump “probably does” have such power to pardon himself, but won’t.

In addition, Giuliani told HuffPost in an interview that the President’s power extends so far that “in no case can he be subpoenaed or indicted.”

“I don’t know how you can indict while he’s in office. No matter what it is,” Giuliani said. “If he shot James Comey, he’d be impeached the next day,” Giuliani said to HuffPost. “Impeach him, and then you can do whatever you want to do to him.”

A decision by Trump to pardon himself — or even his close allies like former campaign chairman Paul Manafort — could raise constitutional questions for Congress, as some Democrats have said that such pardons or the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller could be grounds for impeachment.

Dog dies during Delta Air Lines layover in Michigan

A dog being flown by Delta Air Lines from Phoenix to Newark, New Jersey, died during the trip Wednesday, according to a spokeswoman for the airline.

The owners, Michael Dellegrazie and his girlfriend, were traveling from Phoenix to New York and decided to put their 8-year-old Pomeranian, Alejandro, on a plane so they could pick the dog up at the Newark airport.

During the layover in Detroit, Alejandro was held in a cargo facility.

"There was a stop in Detroit at 6 a.m. Alejandro was checked on. He was alive. Then between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. he was checked on again and he was dead," said Dellegrazie's attorney, Evan Oshan.

A Delta official said the dog was discovered with vomit and fluids in the cage.

"The family is very upset," Oshan said. "This is essentially their family member who died. To say they are upset is a gross understatement."

Delta released a statement saying it is "conducting a thorough review of the situation" and has been working with Alejandro's owners to support them however possible.

"We know pets are an important member of the family and we are focused on the well-being of all animals we transport," the statement said. "As part of that review, we want to find out more about why this may have occurred to ensure it doesn't happen again."

The airline also said it offered to have the dog's body evaluated by a veterinarian.

Other airline-related dog incidents

Alejandro's death comes after United Airlines had three animal-related incidents in the span of a week in March.

First, a French bulldog died on a Houston-to-New York flight after a United flight attendant told its owners to put the dog, in its carrier, in an overhead bin. United spokesman Jonathan Guerin said the passenger told the flight attendant there was a dog in the carrier, but the attendant "did not hear or understand her, and did not knowingly place the dog in the overhead bin."

A day after that incident, a 10-year-old German shepherd named Irgo was flown to Japan when he was supposed to end up in Kansas. In Irgo's place was a Great Dane that was supposed to be en route to Japan. The dog was reunited with his family two days later.

Later that week, a flight was diverted to Akron, Ohio, after the airline realized a pet was loaded onto the flight in error, airline spokeswoman Maggie Schmerin told CNN. The flight was going from Newark to St. Louis, but the pet was due to fly from New Jersey to Akron. United told CNN the unidentified animal was "safely delivered to its owner."

Moline police seek suspects in gambling business armed robbery

MOLINE, Illinois -- Police are searching for a pair of suspects they say robbed a slot machine gaming business and battered an employee with a firearm on Tuesday, May 29.

The robbery happened at a gaming business in the 2300 block of 41st Street in Moline shortly after 11 p.m. According to the store employee who was injured, two suspects entered the store, struck the employee and unsuccessfully attempted to use crowbars to open up a number of gambling machines. When they could not get one open, they instead stole a small amount of cash from the counter and fled the premises.

The Moline Police Department has released a video of the attempted robbery as well as pictures of a "person of interest" in the robbery attempt.