**Notice to all Danville Residents**

Danville Telecom will be upgrading our facilities in order to provide you with HIGH SPEED FIBER-TO-THE-HOME INTERNET SERVICE. This upgrade will require us to install new conduit and fiber onto your property. Contractors will resume construction this spring once the weather permits for the Danville 392 exchange area. For New speeds and pricing click this link High Speed Internet tab or navigate to the tab on the left side of our website. Sign up for services soon and we will waive the installation and (U4 router) equipment charges! You may sign up by returning the word document form below to get on the list. Don't delay, sign up today. If you rent your home, please contact us with your landlord's information, even if you are not interested in Fiber-to-the-Home. After you click on the link **Permission & Information Fiber-to-the-Home Form** it will download the form to your PC. Open the file and it may open in Protected View all you have to do is click on enable editing and you will be able to fill out the form, save to your computer, and then email it to ftth@danvilletelco.net  

**Permission & Information Fiber-to-the-Home Form**

If you are unable to open or save the word document form, please answer the following options and information and email ftth@danvilletelco.net with the answers and completed information.

___ Yes, I give permission for DMTC to install fiber to the side of my house. I am interested in subscribing and would like more info

___ Yes, I give permission for DMTC to Install fiber to the side of my house. But, I am not interested in subscribing at this time.

___ No, I do not give permission for DMTC to install fiber to the side of my house. I understand if I change my mind later on , there will be significant charges.

* If you rent your home, please give us your landlord's information, even if you are not interested in FTTH at this time.*



Phone#(Best Contact #):__________________________


Homeowner____      Renter____

Please check here _____ if you are not in our 392 service area, but are close by and would like our service if/when possible.




**Notice to Danville Telecom Customers**

Effective Monday March 15th, Danville Telephone Office will be opened to walk-in traffic. Masks must be worn when entering the building.

If you have any questions please call 392-4251 or email office@danvilletelco.net



It has been brought to our attention that there have been some "SCAM" calls about Danville Telecom customers bills not being paid. They are asking the customer to pay the bill during the phone call or service will be disconnected or suspended. 

Danville Telecom does not call our customers about disconnecting/suspending services for non-pay. 

If you receive such a call please hang up and immediately call our office number 319-392-4251. 


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Danville Mutual Telephone Company is an equal opportunity provider and employer.